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adobe character animation

2D Character Animation COURSE

This course introduces 2D character animation with After Effects software and the DUIK plugin. Students will learn animation fundamentals, from rigging characters to creating frame-by-frame animation. You will also learn how to incorporate effects, add sound to their animations, and use DUIK for character rigging and animation. This course is designed to help students develop the skills necessary to create 2D animations with After Effects and DUIK. This is NOT a beginner’s course and requires students to have basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.

  • Duration: 3 Months
  • Project / Assignments: Yes
  • Per Month: 4000
  • Certificate: Yes(Paid)

Course Outline:-

  • Introduction
  • User Interface
  • Tools
  • 2D Character Design Basics with Adobe Illustrator
  • Character Rigging with DUIK
  • Character Animation in After Effects
  • Project Pipeline
  • Bonus Course

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