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maya 3d animation

Maya Course Description

This course introduces students to all the major features of Maya: modeling, animation, texture, lighting, rendering, expressions, rigging, dynamics, and popular workflow. Concepts are quickly reviewed and explained and then demonstrated using Maya. Students will gain proficiency by following class examples as well as creating projects and exercises.

  • Duration: 04 Months
  • Project / Assignments: Yes
  • Per Month: 7000
  • Certificate: Yes(Paid)

Learn Introduction to 3D Animation with Maya:-

The coursework is designed to make sure the student is exposed to all relevant aspects of CG creation with Maya with an eye toward giving the student a base foundation from which to explore and expand. As such, the course will be flexible to the needs and pace of the class itself, and will use the following weekly schedule as a basis only. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to keep pace as best as possible and not allow weekly assignments to accumulate over time. Personally, I believe education is a highly flexible matter, and I intend on reading the capability of the class to continually adjust the needs and goals of the course accordingly over time. The final intention is to leave the student with a general foundation of all aspects of production in Maya as well as deeper coverage of the most important needs of CG production workflow: lighting, rendering, and integration.

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